Church History and Government

The Houston Baptist Church has been a permanent fixture in the community of Houston, Arkansas since 1900.  The church facility has been in its current location at 1991 Highway 60 E. since the 1970's.  The facility itself has undergone many additions and upgrades over the course of time, with the most recent construction project currently in progress.

The Houston Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist church and is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention of churches.  HBC also affiliates with other SBC churches within the state of Arkansas through the Arkansas Baptist State Convention and, more locally, within the Conway-Perry Baptist Association which includes (19) member churches located in Conway and Perry counties.

Southern Baptist churches have chosen to affiliate because of the following (2) reasons:

  1.  A like-mindedness of faith and,
  2.  A desire to cooperate together in missions and evangelism in order to glorify God in ways that an individual congregation would be largely incapable of accomplishing of its own ability.  

Southern Baptist churches are autonomous in that each church is solely responsible for the spiritual, fiscal, and governmental well-being of itself and does not answer to any authoritative body outside of itself.  Each church is governed by its members who hold the membership privilege and responsibility of voting and prayerfully ordaining leadership who will make recommendations to the greater church body and make certain decisions on behalf of the greater church body.