What to Expect on a Sunday Morning

Dear Guest,

On behalf of the entire Houston Baptist Church family, I would like to say, "Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Church".  

We want you to know that here at HBC, the glory of God is our primary concern.  It is our sincere desire to please God by refusing to ignore His Word or to compromise it in any way.  We believe that the Holy Scripture is God's revelation to mankind and it is without error.  Because of this, we hold it in highest esteem and attempt to submit fully to its authority.

We consider the worship of God through prayer, Scripture reading, song, giving and preaching to be essential elements in our worship services.  You may discover more about our basic doctrinal beliefs on the "Our Beliefs" page and may listen to recent sermons given at HBC under the "Sermons" tab on the main page.

We desire to minister to, and eventually facilitate ministry through, every member of HBC.  You will find that there are numerous activities, ministries and programs designed with the intent of accomplishing those two objectives.

If you hang around here for any length of time, one thing that you will realize is that we are far from perfect.  We are learning how to love God and His creation, therefore, please be patient with us as we grow in Jesus Christ.

To God Be All Glory!

Pastor Jeremy


(P.S. - A typical Sunday Worship Service lasts between 75-90 minutes and we would classify our usual attire as casual - business casual)

  September 2020  
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